Kim vs Gravity Part 8

Kim vs. Gravity #8: Post-wedding wrap up

Well, the wedding was a success, and I finally have a minute to catch my breath and think about the past few months.

I made it down the aisle, so did my adorable fiancé, and there was only a small amount of screaming into my cell phone. (The caterer called 6 times. I don’t know why there were no extra glasses for water. I did not take them, hide them, throw them away or fill them with something else. Even if I knew where the extra water glasses were, the chances of my leaving my home in my special fancy wedding underwear with my hair in curlers was somewhere between slim and ARE YOU INSANE?!) I’m starting the wonder about the tradition of hiding from the groom once the event is underway. He got to mingle with our guests and drink champagne, while I slunk around my bedroom on the phone with my floral designer. (What does “I took a wrong turn off the beltway” mean in terms of my having a bouquet to carry? Should I wrap the cat in a satin ribbon and carry her?)

(PS — Shelia showed up in plenty of time and the flowers were gorgeous. I love you Sheila! I’m just saying I was a tiny bit on edge.)

So the question is, was it worth it? The pain was not unbearable but certainly has to be mentioned, and the healing process, while it was exactly what Dr. Sundaram predicted, would have to be a factor in deciding to do this again. Like everything else, I found that some things worked perfectly for me, and others I would pass on the second time around. Botox and I (for instance) are now lifelong pals. I am firmly on Team Botox. I don’t have a deep vertical furrow between my eyes so I probably won’t get it in my forehead again, but it cannot be beaten for crow’s feet. The injections take ten seconds with a very fine needle, it doesn’t hurt a bit, and after three days you can see a dramatic improvement. Two smooth and unlined thumbs up.

Restylane and Juv&3acute;derm are the ridge fillers which work like wrinkle spackle. I had them injected into the lines that pull down the corner of my mouth and into what we call marionette mouth lines — the ones that go from your nose to your mouth. I love this stuff — with a few caveats: it is not cheap (like, what is?) and it is pretty painful while it’s being injected. The second treatment I had, the doctor used (I think) half the amount as the first time. I had much less swelling, almost no bruising, and I think it looked pretty good. Less dramatic? Yes, but more natural and with far less down time. I think in the future I’ll save these products for special events and stick with the lower amount. As always, your mileage may vary. You may not bruise at all and love the fuller look you’ll get from a larger amount of filler. (It’s also used to fill out the hollows you get under your eyes. A friend of mine loves this and looks great with it, I personally was too chicken.) (Speaking of chicken, I also passed on getting eyelash extensions. Dr. Sundaram had this done herself and let me tell you, the woman can rock the dark purple lashes. You can only really see the color in direct sunlight, and like hair extensions, you treat them like your own hair and they last until your natural lash falls out, so, a couple of weeks. I have naturally invisible lashes so I was tempted. It was more lack of time and planning on my part than actual chicken-ness.)

I also had a series of treatments with Palomar Lux 1540, the resurfacing laser. Here is a direct quote from my mother who saw me at Thanksgiving (after 2 treatment) and then again at the wedding (after 6) “Oh my God, you look ten years younger.” I don’t know about ten years but man, that thing works. My skin is very noticeably smoother and younger looking. I can’t recommend this one highly enough. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for touchups from time to time. I’m not even kidding, this thing is like a time machine.

And finally, (licensed aesthetician) Jillian, my best gal on the laser. She has made a solemn vow to rid my face of broken capillaries. I’ve had less than positive experiences with this in the past and I was extremely skeptical that it would work at all. At first it was impossible for me to see a difference. But we’ve had five sessions and guess what? WAY fewer red lines on my face. I think our goal of none may be attainable. I promised Jillian I would come and see her even after the wedding. And I have to go make a phone call right now!

I think the experience you have with cosmetic surgery really depends on the expectations you walk in with, and the relationship you build with the doctor and his or her staff. I was extremely fortunate in finding Dr. Sundaram and her professional, friendly staff. They were realistic, honest, helpful and never tried to push a procedure on me I wasn’t comfortable with. I would have gotten married no matter what, but I know I looked just that much better than I would have without a little help.

Next up, I’m going to sort through the many pictures we took before, during, and after my various procedures, and you’ll get to see what I’ve been talking about all this time.

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