Another Kissing Scene

You know, for a book that isn’t a romance, there’s a lot of getting busy going on in THE SAND PRINCE. (In addition to the murder, betrayal, kidnapping, poisoning, etc.)

In this installment of Scenes From My Book Performed By My Cats, we see Onion in another iconic performance as the half-human demon prince Rhuun, this time interacting with another demon, performed by Leeloo. (Kudos to Leeloo for taking on yet another character. She’s like a chameleon who is also a cat.) The demon girl is called Aelle, and she’s his childhood sweetheart. They’re like that couple in high school where everybody says JUST BREAK UP ALREADY but intertia and investment keep them keepin’ on.

Aelle sat at the edge of the bed and gingerly flexed her wrists.

“I think you actually broke this one!” She excitedly showed him the odd angle, the swelling. “That’s excellent, shani. You’ll be leaving me behind soon.”

Rhuun laughed. “Like you’d allow that.”

(Yeah, there’s no such thing as a safe word on Eriis.) (Also I should make the bed.)


Oh! If you’d like to read the first couple of chapters of The Sand Prince I’m posting it over on Wattpad over the next few weeks. I just added another chapter today. And The Flower in the Stone, a time traveling crime caper romance is up to part four–part five goes up on Friday.

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