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Hi and welcome to my newsletter! blog! If you’ve been here before, you’re going to know some of this. If you’ve wandered over because of my newsletter, thanks for stopping by! Please look around. There are a LOT more pics of my cats. Like, a lot. Either way, stick around for the bottom of the page, because CONTEST!

Moving on…

First of all, thank you for signing up. I know your inbox is clogged, and I appreciate your mousework. (Mousework…band name? File for review.)

So as long as we’re both here, let me tell you about who I am, why my name might sound sort of familiar, and what sorts of things I’ll be talking and writing about.

If you’ve listened to the radio in south Florida or the DC area in the last seven hundred years, you might have heard me on the radio. I started as a DJ in Fort Lauderdale at WSHE, spent many years on the air in Key West, and rounded out the radio thing as a traffic reporter on WBIG in Washington DC. (There’s a backup on the beltway!) From there it was on to co-running Sirius XM Book Radio. I got to read and talk to authors for a living! It was WAY better than reporting traffic!

Sirius XM took Book Radio off the air about three years ago, and since then I’ve been writing my own books, drawing on my love of fantasy and science fiction. If you’ve enjoyed the work of (among many others) Anne Rice, George RR Martin, Michael Moorcock, Frank Herbert, or Stephen King, we already have some things in common.

My series is called The Demon Door and the first book is The Sand Prince. I knew I’d be writing epic fantasy, but I’m also much more interested in language, mythology, manners, fashion and how people behave towards each other than in battles. You might call it the politics of the dinner table. I also wanted to write a diverse cast, and you’ll find a fairly wide range of gender identity and ethnicity in my books. (Rhuun, my hero and the prince of the title, is not a white guy, for instance.) I wanted to write for adults, and my characters enjoy (to a greater or lesser degree) all kinds of intimacy. I was curious about world building, and I ended up creating two worlds I hope you’ll want to explore–the human world of Mistra, and the demon kingdom of Eriis.

Coming later this month is a short novel called Pure, a contemporary fairy tale retelling of a famous tapestry called The Unicorn in Captivity. I’ve had a print of it for as long as I can remember, and I finally decided to write about the unicorn, and the young woman who saves his life.


Since you’re signed up for this newsletter, you’ve hopefully nabbed your free copy of The Claiming of the Duke. If you read it before The Sand Prince, it’s worth noting there are many references to the latter book, since The Duke takes place in Mistra.


So what’s next? Demon poetry, sneak previews, giveaways, contests, and of course cat pics! Here are a few to get you acquainted with my band of Night Terrors:

Leeloo (a lady)

And Onion (a goober.)

We would all love to hear from you, so please do leave a comment! See you next time.


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