Intelligent Cat Tricks

Hello, hi, good afternoon citizens!

Well, it’s been a while. When last we spoke, I was selling books on Amazon and basically rolling around like Scrooge McDuck in big heaps of that sweet publishing cash!

Haha, no I wasn't.

So much has happened since those golden days of a month ago! And I’ll be able to tell you all about it if you get me drunk on bottom shelf vodka  you can wait JUST a little longer. So many good things are about to happen: they’ll be yuge. The biggest. The classiest. Swear. Until that time, I thought I’d distract you with cat videos!

Some of you have remarked I have two nearly identical cats. This is a fallacy. One is a petite flower and one is a plus-sized goober. Both are tuxedos, but you wouldn’t say that just because Angelina and Brad here are both in black and white that they look the same.

If by 'same' you mean '10/10 would bang' then you are in fact correct.

The biggest difference other than weight class I guess is paw/eye coordination. Let me demonstrate.

Here’s Leeloo, who learned how to daintily ask for a cookie as a teeny tiny kitten:

Sorry about portrait mode, it was the only way to capture the majesty.

Now, you may have noticed the giant, sad, swipey paw in the lower right corner. That’s Onion. We’ve been trying to get him to do the same trick since we brought him home, but he has a low center of gravity. Also he’s not, shall we say, the swiftest ship in her Majesty’s Fleet. What the heck, let’s give it a try! Take it away, Onion!

Oh, so close. And my husband means klutz with all due respect.

Check back later this week for Book Expo America shenanigans with the Fabulous Fictionistas! We had a swag-off and, like Onion, there are no losers here!

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