The River King: The Demon Door Book Four won’t be available until October 15th, but you can preorder it right now!

If you’ve been reading the series, you’ve followed Rhuun’s journey from a lonely and unhappy child in The Sand Prince to his adventures in the human world of his dreams in The Heron Prince, only to see the harsh consequences of his actions in The Glass Girl. You’ve watched Lelet grow from the spoiled heiress who runs away with a strange and beautiful man to a warrior who loves as fiercely as she fights. Their story–and the stories of their friends, families, lovers and enemies comes to a conclusion in The River King.

The River King: The Demon Door Book Four 

Rhuun, the half-human and wholly-reluctant prince of the demons, has finally reunited with his fiery Lelet. It’s too bad they must hide behind a facade of icy indifference to fool those who are determined to keep demons and humans apart…by any means necessary.

There is more at stake than bringing the miracle of rain back to Eriis. It’s not just sand and lost royals poised to come through the newly-opened Door. Something ancient is hungry, and fat, complacent Mistra won’t stand a chance. Even worse, whispers and shadows speak of blood magic that could destroy not just The Door, but all Doors—forever—barring the way home for lovers and enemies alike.

Will the love Rhuun and Lelet have moved worlds to share be the very thing they must sacrifice to save their worlds?

Full of her signature blend of exquisite world-building, sly humor, and poignant prose, The River King is the gripping conclusion to Kim Alexander’s critically-acclaimed Demon Door saga.

 “The Sand Prince by Kim Alexander is a fresh and fascinating tale of skullduggery and romance, set against a backdrop of multiple kingdoms (only one of them human!) Fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune, Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, and Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, will welcome this exciting new addition to the genre!”
Katherine Neville, NY Times and #1 Internationally bestselling author of The Eight

“Kim Alexander’s The Sand Prince is a thrill ride of fantastical proportions. Can hardly wait for the next wild installment.”
David Baldacci – NY Times and International Best Seller

The Sand Prince is a wonder — full of magic, drama and sly humor.  Kim Alexander might just be a wizard. “

Daniel Stashower, New York Times Bestselling Author

The River King: The Demon Door Book Four, available now for preorder on October 15th.

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