Happy New Year, here’s a fight scene!

Nothing says ringing in the New Year like a brawl! As we take stock of the dumpster fire that was 2015 and look forward to the petal strewn wonderland of 2016, I thought an appropriate offering that might please the gods (we’ve been bingewatching Vikings) (Lagertha 4EVA) would be Another Scene From My Book as Performed By My Cats.


“Moth heard Lelet scream his name and without turning he fell into a low crouch. The sword whistled over his head. The man had elected to try and lop his head off rather than skewer him, which was good news.”

In this piece from THE SAND PRINCE (still available and at a very reasonable price!) our hero, Rhuun is played (in the role he’s becoming famous for) by Onion, who I think really demonstrates the half-demon prince’s reluctance to injure a human person. His opponent is a villain, and I have to thank Leeloo for taking on a small and somewhat thankless role. But like they say, there are no small cats!  parts!

If you’d like to get the full Scenes From My Book Etc experience, here are all the episodes.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I want to thank everyone who read and reviewed THE SAND PRINCE (except for a few of you YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID) and am thrilled to announce that Book 2, THE HERON PRINCE is in the magical hand of Crimedog Carly and will be unleashed on the world this May!

Have a great New Year!

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