Pure is back and I am on the road!

I am so delighted to show off the new cover of my magical-sex-unicorn paranormal romance, Pure! I asked Aurelia Fray from Pretty AF Designs for something strange and beautiful, and she peered right into my mind grapes. Here’s what she came up with:

What did I tell you? Strange and beautiful. Pure is back on the shelf over at Amazon, and its even on sale if you snatch it on pre order!

In other news, I will be at places doing things!

If you’ll be at the Maryland Renn Faire on October 7th or 8th, I’ll be making my triumphant return appearance and signing all the books at Page After Page. Last year I only had The Sand Prince for sale, this year it’ll be The Sand Prince, The Heron Prince and Pure. (Avec corset, as if you had to ask. Like I need an excuse to drag that thing out of the closet.)

That's me AND Rachel signing books at last year's MDRF!

And on October 21st, I’ll be just one of MANY fancy authors appearing at Hallow Read in Ellicott City! Hallow Read is a book Festival and mini-con for authors and fans of paranormal, urban fantasy, steam punk and horror, and it ALSO raises funds for the Maryland Book Bank! I’ll be on at least one panel and I even get a TABLE which will be full of my BOOKS (including Pure so you can see that gorgeous cover in person.) This is a very special event because Ellicott City, which is charming and lovely, got hit with catastrophic floods a few years ago, and Hallow Read was without a home. But this year the city is back and so is Hallow Read, thanks mostly to the glamorous and unstoppable Rachel Rawlings. (The event is her baby!) Please come out and see us, it’s going to be a THROWDOWN.

Just making sure you didn’t miss the link to get Pure on sale. It’ll arrive in the world on Tuesday September 26th.

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