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Happy April!
Yes, I know it said ‘giveaway’ in the subject line, and if you SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT, scroll to the bottom, I won’t even be offended. (We will talk about you when you leave, though.)

Considering how much of my work week involves staring out the window, it really is quite a busy time here at Alexander HQ! For those of you reading The Demon Door series, you’ll be interested to know that Steadfast and True Editor Carly has Book Three: The Glass Girl in her dainty, ladylike, murderous hands RIGHT NOW. We’re planning on having it in front of your face this summer, so stay tuned. (And I just saw the first version of the super sexy cover!)

Speaking of tuning in, have you ever heard of audio books? All the kids are listening to them these days! And I am delighted to announce that The Sand Prince will be available at Audible.com in early June, thanks to the silvery voice and acting stylings of William Turbett, who is crazy talented and is bringing Rhuun and Lelet’s story to life in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

Look around. Do you have something special, something that meant the world to you at one time, but now it’s just taking up psychic space? (Those of you looking at your spouse/partner, I feel your pain but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about.) Jenny Drummey is hosting a series on her website called 86 Your Blessed Objects, and she was kind enough to invite me to participate.

And because I promised, here’s Onion and Leeloo in a rare moment of not trying to murder each other. No, I don’t know what they were looking at but it appears to have been startling!


Welcome, early scrollers! Now that the rest of us have caught up, let’s head over to my giveaway. CLICK to win a HUGE stack of books PLUS swag PLUS an Amazon gift card AND a signed copy of The Sand Prince!


If you haven’t grabbed your copy of The Claiming of the Duke, the very lurid and kind of dirty romance novel that inspired Prince Rhuun of Eriis to go see just what exactly these humans were getting themselves up to, you can CLICK HERE and download a copy of your very own for free.

And because it gets lonely staring out my window waiting for the words to come and visit, leave a comment, won’t you? Onion and Leeloo are standing by waiting to hear from you, and so am I.

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