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I’ve been writing a series for my pals over at Booktrib about world building! First, Booktrib is a lovely place to hang out, and they are all made of sunshine, kittens and bourbon over there.

If you read fantasy in particular, it’s a given that the author will have spent some time (LOTS of time) thinking about the world you’ll be visiting. I have to thank my first editor, Debra Ginsberg, who after reading a very early draft of The Sand Prince, told me I hadn’t finished doing the work. (She was both much nicer and much more direct than that!)

At first I ran away from it–I was interested in character and emotion and dialogue. When I thought about the concept of world building, I pictured orc armies and great fields of battle. It’s true that a lot of fantasy–and a lot of epic fantasy–revolves around war, armies, descriptions of weapons and buckets of blood. But societal change can occur without bloodshed (or with a minimum, anyway.) I substituted politics for battles, and the actions of individual people for those invading orcs. And when I started thinking in terms of food, language, and fashion, building my worlds became a delight.

Here’s my series, I hope you’ll take a look.

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Coming up I’ll be looking at hairstyles, our animal friends, and artwork, among other things. What are your favorite imagined worlds? Leave a comment, let’s talk!

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