The Great Shatter:

New World Magic Book Three

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New World Magic has everything! A hot and sweet unicorn shifter, a grumpy fae with a BIG secret, Ruby the bartender who is NOT having it, and a whole cast of goddesses, kitsune, bar backs, harpies, uber drivers, dragons, and the real reason there’s so much fancy abandoned property in Washington D.C.
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A unicorn walks into a bar…except there are no unicorns or bars in the court of the Unseelie fae, which sucks because Marly could really use a drink.

Honestly, going from human to vampire, to something not quite mortal would drive anyone to drink. Being hounded by a grudge-holding kitsune didn’t help, either. But when the king of the Unseelie fae declared Marly his queen and the hope of his people, it seemed her troubles were over, and off they went to his magical kingdom in a reality-tv-worthy happily ever after.

Except it’s more hard landing than happy ending. Marly is thrown into the crosshairs of ancient hatreds where war masquerades as etiquette, shadows must beg for light, and things with tentacles are just waiting for something to go wrong. And something is going wrong…very wrong.

With every mis-step, she stumbles closer to the edge of a darkness waiting to consume her, and the king’s love is like a poison that can cure or kill. Her only hope is to unveil the truth dancing in the great mirrors in the sky, even if that sky comes crashing down.

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