From the team that brought you the Eisner Award Winning and Diamond Gem Award nominated Puerto Rico Strong Anthology  (Marco Lopez, Derek Ruiz and Neil Schwartz).  

Strange Encounters is a  comic book Anthology about magic, mystery and the Strange Encounters that happen when you meet beings of the supernatural kind.

Why am I so excited about this? Because friends…I am in it! After a year of sitting on this news because I was pretty sure if I talked about it I’d put the kinahora on it, its really happening! And if the idea of seeing Ruby and March and how their adventures began in a graphic novel appeals to you, wait ’til you see the artist I’m being teamed with! Jess Taylor is the cover artist so you’ve already seen a bit of their work–here’s another look:

I could hardly pick among the lush, vivid and elegant pieces. Go look at Jess’ website, they’re a wizard! So with this Kickstarter, you can get involved anywhere from simply purchasing the ebook (which should be ready in January) all the way to having yourself written in as the monster you truly are! I’m thrilled to be featured alongside authors Rue Volley, JD Brown, and Rachel Rawlings. If you’d like to go back and read the story, Pure is available in ebook and paper and also on Audible. I’m told the narrator did a great job! (It’s me, I’m the narrator.) The Kickstarter has to be fully backed by September 6th, so please join us in making this project a reality.