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Two worlds—bound by magic. Divided by The Door.
In the demon kingdom of Eriis, the rain hasn’t fallen for a generation and the human world is a mystery. A queen with a secret struggles to raise her misfit child in the ashes of her shattered kingdom.
In the sunny and carefree human city of Mistra, demons exist only in story books. A bored young socialite turns her back on parties and longs for a life of adventure.
When the lonely prince meets the runaway heiress, he’ll find humans are nothing like he imagined, and she’ll discover demons are much more than just a bedtime story.
Between them they’ll either bring the rain back to Eriis, or lock The Door between the worlds and drive them apart forever.
Sometimes love doesn’t change the world. Sometimes it changes all of them.

Praise for The Demon Door series and Kim Alexander:
 ‘I love this book; I love these characters (even the horrible ones) and their growth and depth; I love the world(s)-building and the not-quite-hereness of it and the utterly beautiful and unique story.’ …’
‘a classic story that I will read again and again because it’s so good…’
‘Spell binding to the very end…’
‘Really, remarkably beautiful…’
‘…two dimensions, countless incredible characters, and an epic storyline that is sure to span into a fantastic series.’
‘…both epic in scale and witty in tone. That’s a hard mix to pull off, but such a pleasure to read.’

What an amazing adventure this series has been, and I can’t gush enough over this conclusion. Kim Alexander is an amazing author with such skills for dropping the reader into a nonexistent world seemingly effortlessly. I will miss these characters. 

I love these characters as they intertwine with each other and bring new light to the story. I’m sad that it’s the end, but maybe, just maybe, we will learn of Moth and Lelet , Ilaan and Niico , and the rest of them as their lives together change for the good I hope.

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