How About Time Traveling Crime Fighters?

It’s been a busy day here at Alexander Industries! If you haven’t gotten caught up on THE FLOWER IN THE STONE, it’s a new project I’ve started writing and you can follow the progress over there on Wattpad. I just put up chapter three, so you aren’t late to the party. This story began as a sort of joke–my main project, THE SAND PRINCE is a fantasy, but it’s also political, romantic, comedic, a thriller–and it’s really hard to describe what the thing is about in one or two sentences. (Shout out to CrimeDog Carly, who helped me write the blurb and held my hand as I sobbed.) I said my next thing was going to be about….How about Time Traveling Crime Fighters? That’s easy to picture, right? Then I started thinking about it. Then I started REALLY thinking about it. Then I had 50 pages written.

In the meantime, I’m still promoting THE SAND PRINCE, Carly is hip deep in editing the sequel, THE HERON PRINCE (out in May!) and I’m writing book 3 and book 4 at the same time. But if the characters start telling you what they’re up to, you’d better pay attention. Hence, THE FLOWER IN THE STONE. Shouts in this case go out to Goddess Who Walks Amongst Us Cait Reynolds who wrote the blurb. Wattpad is fun in that readers can comment and make suggestions as you go along. (You have to set up an account but man, there’s a lot to read going on there!) I hope you’ll consider throwing an eyeball my way.

And because I slightly feel like I’ve been cheating on Rhuun and Lelet with my new characters, I thought it was time for another edition of SCENES FROM MY BOOK PERFORMED BY MY CATS. In today’s installment, it’s a peek at Rhuun’s trip through a strange and formless place, where no time seems to pass. A place of fear: The Veil.

He’d wandered the Veil for what felt like days, or minutes. He’d felt himself drifting . . .

He’d spent a long time sitting in a dim, quiet space watching a dark spot on the wall. Then he’d realized there was no wall and maybe no spot and he’d been literally staring into space. Eh, that was fine. The view had been the same with his eyes opened or closed. Finally he’d closed them and prepared to drift off, maybe for a really long time. Maybe for just a few seconds. Maybe forever.

Then, in the middle of all that nothing, there’d been something. A flash of light at the edge of his field of vision. He’d regretted the interference in his perfect still nothingness, but went to investigate.

Very proud of Onion for tackling this scene with bravery. His devotion to his craft is obvious. He deserves a cookie.

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