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Hi all!

A big thank you to everyone who helped me roll out The Glass Girl! The final book in this series–The River King–is currently under construction.

I got to have a chat with Constant Good-Do’er Renee Scattergood about writing this book, and getting the words down in general.

Author Spotlight: The Glass Girl

If you’ve read the series, you know that there is a secret book within the book. It becomes the reason Rhuun decides he has to visit the world on the other side of The Door–he finds the idea of ‘humans’ to be irresistible. What you may not know is that book exists in our world, because after The Sand Prince and The Heron Prince were published, I decided to write it! Since it was already in print as a series of chapter openers, I had about twelve pages of lurid, over the top, contradictory content to somehow turn into a coherent story. It was a challenge, but I loved it. (It’s also kind of dirty.)

The Claiming of the Duke by Malloy dos Capeheart (as told to me.)

I don’t know if I’ll ever tackle a romance novel again, but I’m glad I did–if only for the cover!

Also stay tuned because we are going to have a SALE sometime in the next ten days. And finally, I leave you with Onion. Won’t you share his box?

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