Dancing Cats and other Thrillers

As you may have heard, my publisher Booktrope went out of business at the end of May. Ed Aymar and the lovely folks at ITW were kind enough to let me do some venting in this month’s The Thrill Begins e-zine.

I’ll be at Thrillerfest in just a couple of weeks, in the company of some of my favorite people in the world, and in the surreal position of being recognized as a Debut Author while at the same time being without a publisher. I should mention that everyone at ITW has been incredibly supportive and generally awesome, and I owe each and every one of them a drink.

You might also notice that The Sand Prince is back on Amazon and available for pre-order! And it has a gorgeous new (new, new) cover.(Last one, swear!) The official launch is next week, and I’ll probably have a few things to say about that, too.


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