Kim vs Gravity Part 7

Kim vs. Gravity #7: Gin Blossoms Are Not a Pretty Flower!

We’re getting close to the end of my frequent visits to Dr. Sundaram — mostly because my wedding is just over a month from now and I want to be smooth and unbruised — so anything left has to be done fast!

The main thing that’s happened since the last update actually began several months ago. I had 5 treatments with Captain Palomar, and the doctor promised me right from the beginning that it would take a while. Really, that’s the whole point. It’s not particularly invasive, it’s not a quick fix, and it takes patience. And guess what? 6 months later, it’s worked. My skin is smoother and a lot of the creases are gone. Now, I’m not talking about expression lines or smile lines. I’m talking about how in a certain light you can see fine parallel lines running down your cheeks. Those are gone. It works.

So what am I doing to myself next? (As my mom likes to ask.) Laser expert and licensed aesthetician Jillian is tackling the broken capillaries on my cheeks. (Thanks again sun damage!) It looks like someone drew all over my face with a fine red marker. Of course I am so used to slapping on foundation I’m not sure what I’ll do with the extra 5 minutes in the morning, but I’m certain something will come to me. We’ve had two sessions and frankly it’s hard for me to tell if anything has changed, but see above regarding patience and seeing this through.

Since I’m near the end of this experience, I thought I’d spend a minute on the things I’ve learned.

  1. Do your research. This is your face, you don’t want to farm it out to the lowest bidder. But most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean best. Ask your friends, ask other doctors.
  2. Listen to your doctor. I’m talking about aftercare here. Most of what I had done had specific things for me to follow up with at home, and Job One was staying out of the sun. All the botox on the Upper East Side won’t help you if you don’t wear sunscreen.
  3. Be patient. If the Palomar laser takes 5 treatments, don’t flip out and stop going if you don’t see improvement in 3. (The exception of course is botox which works in 3 days.)
  4. Don’t load up on asprin/Advil/Aleve/whatever for a week prior to your visit — you’ll have a face full of bruises! (I found that out the hard way.)
  5. Eat breakfast!
  6. Icepack, icepack, icepack. Frozen peas are good because they smush to the shape of your face. Every single thing I did — whether achy or bruisey — was improved by holding on an icepack.
  7. Don’t feel like to have to justify your decision. No one gives you a hard time about having your teeth whitened. (And it’s really nobody’s business.) But whether you want to tell the world you’re having a little work done or you want to give the credit to clean living and true love — that is up to you!

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