My Book As Reenacted by My Cats, cont.

I feel like with this project, I’ve found a way to unleash both the auteur that wants creative control, and a way to post pics of my cats. Who can say which is greater in the service of art, or should I say Art?

In this installment, Onion bravely steps up and performs a solo piece. (Leeloo hid under the bed–what a diva!) As he continues his portrayal of my main character Rhuun, he is finding new depth and new ways to eat non-food items off the floor. He is truly an inspiration.

In today’s piece, we find Rhuun only just come from his homeworld to a more familiar, human occupied place. His own world, as we know, is a desert sh-t hole. He’s never seen water in anything bigger than a bowl, so his first look at the River Gorda is a real turning point for him.

“…He walked until he came to a river (with many interruptions to observe leaves and stones) and that stopped him dead in his tracks. He knew what it was—in The Claiming of the Duke the characters were always sailing from one river town to the next—but to see one in person! It was nothing like the vast, moving sand rivers beyond the city walls.”

                                                                The Sand Prince by Kim Alexander (Booktrope) pg 236


Leeloo promises me she’ll be back next time. She’s been working on something to do with Queen Hellne, Rhuun’s mother. It should prove to be dramatic and fluffy.

On a personal note, I remain enormously grateful to the fine folk who have downloaded and ordered my book, and if you’ve taken a minute to review it, you’re a hero and I’ll come to your house and read Book 2 to you. (Leave your address and best time to arrive in the comments. Please have bourbon.) If you’d like to read more about Rhuun and Lelet and their friends and families (and arch mortal enemies, etc) click away.

And have a great Thanksgiving!

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