I am delighted to report that all my books are now available at your favorite book dealer as I have GONE WIDE! What does that mean? I’ve chewed off my foot and escaped from being exclusively sold through Amazon.

Got a Nook? I’m all over it! One of those weirdos with a Kobo reader? Good for you! Apple? Sure! Google? They sell books!  And if you prefer, my books (ebook and paperback) are also available through places like Indiebound and Bookshop.org. Below you’ll find the complete list, and I hope you see something you like.

Frida would like to know where the cookies are.


Many thanks to talented and prolific fantasy author Katharine Wibell for giving me the spotlight on her website today! (I also love the title she gave our conversation–thanks Katharine!)

One Crazy Trick Unicorns Can’t Resist




It is with delight and some disbelief that I welcome A Poisoned Garden  to the world, and add Book Four to New World Magic. Delight because I love all those weirdos so much, and disbelief because I went back to look and found the first chapter was written in 2020! That was four million years ago! 

I intended this to be book three, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Editor And Boss of Me Carly took one look and immediately knew something was missing: an entire book. I needed to fill in the great big blanks after the events at the end of The March Effect before the story in A Poisoned Garden could be told. That became the real book three, The Great Shatter. And of course she was right, because I came to know the Unseelie Court and its fae folk (they’re not the nice ones, BTW) so much better, and as a result I hope you’ll find A Poisoned Garden to be much richer, stranger, and, as the fae are involved, way more extra (bless ’em.)

Thank you bouquets to Carly, of course, and also to my cover artist Aurelia Frey of Pretty AF Designs, and to the Drunk Mythology Gals; Cait, OG, and Other Jenn for their help. They, like March, are beyond price.

I have loads of things coming your way in ’23, including more in-person events if you live anywhere within a couple hours of D.C., and the continuing adventures of Ruby, March, Marly, Sasha and the gang.  And stay tuned for something we’ll just call…The Widening.

Thank you again, and remember, nothing fills an author’s heart with joy more than hearing from readers so please do leave a comment, shoot me an email, or send a raven–whatever works for you!

See you in ’23!


A unicorn walks into a bar and…wait, what was I saying?


Look, between what I’m pretty sure is premature senility and wanting to barf all the time, I’m barely hanging in there. At this point, I need a break after solving xeno murders, fighting murderous fox shifters, and my best friend nearly murdering me for…reasons.


But do I get a break? No, I get an invitation to the court of the Unseelie fae, and it’s the kind of invitation you can’t refuse because it’s from the king who flip-flops between wanting to share a pizza with me and stabbing me.


The upside is that I can see my best friend Marly, the newly minted and slightly murderous Unseelie fae queen. The downside? Apparently, I have to prevent a civil war between powerful magical beings, and I don’t even get a can opener for self-defense.


Just like clockwork, I’m back to running from supernatural squids, double-dealing with triple-dealing fae who probably all want me dead, and getting tangled up with a beautiful, broken-hearted unicorn who makes me feel guilty, and I don’t know why.

 After all, we’ve never met before…have we?


A Poisoned Garden: New World Magic Book Four, available now

Happy THE MARCH EFFECT is on sale week to those who celebrate!

This week only, THE MARCH EFFECT: New World Magic Book Two is on sale for .99 and available wherever you buy your ebooks! I’m putting the finishing touches on Book Four: A Poisoned Garden and I want to make sure you get the chance to catch up on the series that’s been called ‘beautiful’, ‘quirky’ ‘fascinating and beautifully written.’ SPOILER ALERT The entire three book (so far) series will go on sale between now and our launch date in mid-December. When? STAY TUNED! Meanwhile, click the link below and grab your book!

A unicorn walks into a bar…and leaves with my heart. He’s gone, and now I have a unicorn-named-March-shaped hole in my life. But, I get it. Unicorns aren’t meant to live in a world where they have to deal with putting gas in the car, getting groceries, and paying cell phone bills. I’m trying to get past this. Really, I am. It’s just that everyone constantly talks about him, from his immortal ex-girlfriend, to reality TV-obsessed Fae, to even my own fully-human friends. Even his enemies are still obsessed with him. I learned that the hard way. Did I mention the part where I end up on the run—again—from an old, powerful enemy of his? Yeah. Fun times. I just want to be left to get over my broken heart while watching home improvement shows and eating ice cream. But mysterious disappearances, murder, and a quest for affordable real estate in Washington D.C. keep getting in the way. Maybe that’s just life. Sometimes we get what we want. Sometimes, we get what we need. And sometimes, we get what we deserve. I guess you could call it…The March Effect.




I had the pleasure of chatting with writer guy Bryan Nowak, and look at this! It’s a podcast! Many thanks to Bryan for inviting me.

All Things Writing with Bryan Nowak


I can’t think of anything other than THANK YOU to say to Tom Baker at One Hour Book Club, mostly because I imploded and am now a drifting cloud of glitter and happiness. 

Tom has a fascinating concept–he reads the first hour of the book–he has a timer! And then he recaps, gives his thoughts, and tries to imagine how it all plays out. He did a really good job of predicting the ending! Be aware, there are major spoilers for the first bit of Pure.

One Hour Book Club review of PURE.