The Glass Girl has a cover!

First of all, there’s this:

“Kim Alexander’s The Sand Prince is a thrill ride of fantastical proportion. Can hardly wait for the next wild installment.”  David Baldacci, New York Times and Internationally Best Selling Author

If you don’t think I’m going to plaster that quote on everything I own, you are sadly mistaken. Thank you, David, you are a lovely person. (It’s going to make a sweet tattoo.)

Moving on! I’ve been working on The Glass Girl: The Demon Door Book Three for seven hundred years. When I finished the first draft, the Earth’s crust had not cooled. I rode a dinosaur to the Post Office to mail it to my editor Carly. What I’m saying is, this book has taken a while to get right.

For some time, I didn’t think I could do it.

It’s the middle of the series (the fourth book is under construction) and that’s what they call The Soggy Middle. It’s a tough place to write no matter what. The second book, The Heron Prince, was by contrast a pleasure to write, was well received, and made me feel like I had everything under control! Haha! Sob! The Heron Prince was all action and romance, and this book is consequences and regret. (Don’t worry! There are still jokes!)

I have to thank Carly who has the patience of a very patient thing, and who read The Glass Girl probably thirty times, and still loves me (and loves my characters–get yourself an amazing editor!) I am enormously proud of the book we are releasing, and am also madly in love with the cover. Want to see it?

Love opens all doors…but betrayal locks them forever.

Newly blessed (or cursed) with wings and fire, Prince Rhuun of the demon realm of Eriis sees hope for his life on the human world of Mistra with his fierce human lover, Lelet va’Everley. She literally went to hell and back to save him, and she’s not about to let anything—or anyone—ruin their perfect future.

All too soon, the claims of family, duty, and justice force Rhuun and Lelet to confront new griefs and old mistakes as they attempt to restore balance to the throne of Eriis. But, with every jealous rumor and each vengeful whisper, friends turn, family schemes, and forgotten enemies creep from the shadows.

Treachery in Eriis and betrayal in Mistra jeopardize what Rhuun and Lelet have fought so hard to build, threatening to tear apart the two lovers, their families, and even their worlds.

The Glass Girl is now available for pre-order! 


Here’s an excerpt to get you started:

“No,” Rhuun said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m going to keep it quiet, and you must do the same.”

They’d been walking since the rise of the first moon, and as they got closer to the city wall, he grew more and more reluctant to fly.

“But no humans have wings at all, and you didn’t hide them on Mistra.” Lelet held onto his arm with one hand while dumping sand out of her boot with the other, and he was reminded of a green hillside and an abandoned farmhouse. Had she been trying to run away from the worst conceived kidnapping in history? Or just brushing pebbles from between her toes? He mainly recalled the warmth of her hand.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, my people don’t much care for new things.”

“Really? And is the sky blue?”

He frowned, puzzled. “No, of course not. It’s—”

She rolled her eyes. “It was a joke. Go on.”

“If the people inside the Arch see my wings on the first day I return, they will have cause to remember what else I brought home with me.” He paused, watching the understanding move across her face. “Lelet, even if they are inclined to trust me, which is far from certain, they will know what you are. You heard what Mother Jaa said; after the Raasth, there was talk. About you. It’s not a secret any more. I need any advantage I can take, and wings which look like something from the human world will only remind them. This won’t be easy, even if we are successful against Yuenne.”

“I’m the one who loves you, and the one who saved you from the Mages. Won’t that count?”

He sighed. “I’m sure it will.”

She nodded, satisfied that her point—the one in which things made sense to her—was taken, and they started walking again. When the ragged low clouds tore apart, he thought he could see the outline of the War Tower and a sliver of the atrium above the palace. They’d be home soon. He wondered what he’d find there, and what would become of those left behind—his mother gone, Ilaan lost to grief and rage, an uncertain ally in Aelle. And so many of his old friends, scattered as if by a firewhirl.

The girl who burnt down the Raasth, by the side of the crippled prince. It will count, he told himself, but not necessarily in our favor.

THE GLASS GIRL: The Demon Door Book Three, available May 15, 2018. Preorder today!

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