…and introducing The Fabulous Fictionistas!

I’m delighted to report that, much like the Borg, I’ve been assimilated! Unlike the Borg I don’t have gross wires coming out of my head.Since many heads are better than one, some writing pals and I have banded together and are now The Fabulous Fictionistas! Role call! We’ve got Cait Reynolds (the Basenji one), Sami-Jo Cairns (the sweet one who can do the drift thing in a souped up street-legal car), Daphne Lamb (the funny one who’s a trapeze artist and bush pilot)  Kenya Cooper (the one who can write nine books at once, I am not even kidding) and Genevieve Raas who I just met but Cait says’s she’s cool.

I’ll posting here AND there in addition to my duties at FB, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and wattpad. Ha ha, thank god all four of my books are completely written and the next series is also done <sob>

My inaugural post at The Fab Fics is about the impending snowstorm of doom (SNOWZILLA!) and how to decide whom of your party to eat first when the food runs out and the dark night starts to close in. So that should be good fun!

It’s also about Wattpad, and how you can read the first few chapters of THE SAND PRINCE for free before plonking down your four bucks (or seventeen if you want the paperback — I don’t know your life but thank you kind sir or madam.) I’m also up to chapter five of THE FLOWER IN THE STONE, which is a historical fantasy romance and you can read it while you wait for your best friend to come to a boil or reach a crispy golden brown. They’d want it that way.


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