The Sand Prince is in the world!

Wrapping up blog tour week with a stop at She Who Reads All the Books and a few words about how important getting your book in front of the right eyeballs turns out to be.

Many thanks to everyone who made room for me and Rhuun this week:

Only the Books for Me who, seriously, I love you for this: “I suspect I’ll end up buying a copy before book two comes out so I can reread book one and start building up this series on my bookcase.” and I am writing as fast as I can when I’m not screwing around on Tumblr.

Flights of Fantasy who both turned over the keys so I could talk about making up dirty words, and also said this:”…it’s both epic in scale and witty in tone. That’s a hard mix to pull off, but such a pleasure to read.”

The Books She Loves Too Much where you can read a short excerpt in which Rhuun learns some hard lessons.

Library Nerdette who tells us “It’s been way too long since I’ve read a great, original fantasy story. If that’s something you’re looking for too, then you’re going to need to give this one a read.”

And my good friend JT Ellison, who has been my life coach (she didn’t necessarily know that) for several years, and kindly featured me on her blog, the Tao of JT.

Got a few more stops to make next week, including getting back on the radio with my old partner in crime Maggie Linton for a chat on her show on  Sirius XM Urban View Channel 126–it’ll be nice to be back!

And on Wednesday evening I’ll be chatting with Jenny Michaelman on Next Steps Radio.

If you’d like a copy of my book, find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and on itunes.

As all authors will tell you, the best thing you can do to support a book or writer you like is to leave a review, and I hope you’ll consider doing that for me.

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