August? Really?

It’s August! And I think I speak for a lot of us when I say

All day every day.

So thank goodness for the soothing waters of my fantasy realm, the shattered demon kingdom of Eriis, where the worst that can happen is you get set on fire a couple times a day, your mother hates you, your girlfriend is fed up, and a secret society of magicians is plotting to drain your blood for their own nefarious purposes. Good times! Also now available in audio!

Update! Book three in The Demon Door series has a title: The Glass Girl. No, I won’t tell you why. It is in the steady, slim, firm, elegant hands of Crimedog Carly, World’s Greatest Editor, who will surely send it right back with a note congratulating me on my genius, don’t change a thing, haha sob.

Thanks BrittThe plan is to release it into the world in November, watch this space.

Also! If you were wondering about Pure, my paranormal romance which like the dew upon the rosebud came and went in a few fleeting moments, great news: it’ll be back at the end of September! Unicorn shifter romance lovers may rejoice!

His thunder is hid!

And if you entered my newsletter giveaway, thank you for leaving comments! The winners have been notified but I KNOW FOR A FACT my friends over at Nerd Girl have more stuff to giveaway, so you should follow them where appropriate–not, like, a hardware store because that would be weird and wrong. That said please do feel free to leave a comment–operators are standing by!
Not so much standing as flooping.

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  1. Kirizar says:

    Wow, was my phone not cooperating. I kept trying to click the comment bubble at the top of the page and the header kept popping up and covering it. It’s probably just me and my field of anti-technology electron disruptor field at work again. I want to be able to find your site again later and also can’t see a way to follow on my phone. (Basically my phone hates me and limits my social interactions in petty revenge.) So, commenting is my only hope! C’mon Obi Wan, reply so I can find this in my message history!

    And yes, I am this pathetic.

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