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First off, thanks to Cassandra! It’s hard to explain how it feels when someone appreciates the contents of your head-meat.

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An update on this series! I began writing The Sand Prince (Book One) in July of 2013 at my dear friends camp out in Lake Rosemound, Louisiana. I was in the slow motion process of being let go from a job I loved, and I needed a break. It was tropically hot (to say the least) and they loved me so much they didn’t insist I get off the couch, leave the safety of the air conditioning, and help them clean up the property. (That was the whole reason for the trip.) (I did wash the insides of the windows!)

It’s been a journey since then! I signed with a publisher (let them remain nameless) who promptly went out of business. (I prefer to think I didn’t single-handedly sink the company.) I got to be a Debut Author with the International Thriller Writers (I love those guys; seriously, go to Thrillerfest.) I started a second series, a paranormal romance called Pure, as an experiment to see if I could write something shorter than 120,000 words (spoiler: I can!) and I recorded the audiobook of that novel. I’m about to start recording the audiobook of the sequel, too, and this has been an interesting return to my broadcasting roots.

Now I am looking at finishing The Demon Door series. The final book is in the firm yet delicate hands of my editor, Crime Dog Carly. When I was interviewing authors for a living, I was always jealous of the relationship writers had with their authors, and rightly so. (Carly I love you, sorry about all the flashbacks!) It’s been five books (if you count the in-world romance novel extra The Claiming of the Duke, which I definitely do) many thousands of words, at least five notebooks full of scribbled comments like ‘you are my foreground’ and ‘she is his sachet’ (which at the time made perfect sense, I am sure) and uncounted times I called my husband in hysterics because I accidentally deleted scenes. (He is my own personal IT dept and resident unicorn.)

I’ll have more to say as we get closer to the launch (you are all invited!) but I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of the final book, The River King. I hope you love it.

(If you haven’t read The Glass Girl you might want to stop here with this picture of Onion.)


…Ilaan said, “You seem awfully happy, considering your position.”

“My position? Probably no worse than this time yesterday. In fact, I’d call it a good deal better.” Beyond having Lelet back by his side, other than Ilaan coming home to him, Rhuun supposed there were a few things he’d have to attend to. “We know about this Auri, for instance.”

“Thanks to you,” added Lelet. “We really are grateful.” She turned to Rhuun. “What are you going to do?”

“I think it’s more a question of what the two of us intend to do.” He paused. “Auri wants to kill me. I think I’d prefer he didn’t. He wants you, and that’s out of the question. He wants the High Seat; apparently he’s under the impression they’ve removed the ‘being from Eriis’ clause. As much as I’d love for him to have a whack at it, I feel like we’d better stop him there as well. What else was there?”

“Well, your mother.” Lelet poured herself another cup of coffee.

“And your uncle,” said Ilaan. “What is it with your family?”

Um, I believe we can also throw your father into the mix, speaking of families.” Ilaan looked away, and Rhuun wished he hadn’t spoken. It was better between them, but it wasn’t good. “You mentioned a plan?”

Ilaan smiled. “It’ll be terribly unpleasant for both of you, and mainly works to achieve my goals. Just so we’re clear.” Rhuun placed his hand over Lelet’s, and they shared a worried look. “Good. I’m thinking we’ll need to start by having the ambassador travel back to Mistra with the negotiating team. That was Auri’s idea, wasn’t it? That Beast, here, helps your brother?”

“You want to play along, is that it?” Lelet asked.

“To start.” Ilaan nodded. “So he should think he’s pulling the wagon, as you humans say.”

“We don’t actually…never mind. Go on.”

“All eyes must see that you two are as far apart as you were when you walked through The Door. Barely on speaking terms. It’s only for the great regard Rhuun holds for your sister Scilla and your family that he’s agreed at all. And of course there’s the matter of the dead demon woman.” Ilaan scratched his head. “I’m honestly pretty curious about that, myself.”


The River King comes out in October. Next up: a look at the cover, which is so gorgeous I want to marry it, along with more important pictures of my cats.

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