National Book Lovers Day–an interview with Prince Rhuun of Eriis

In honor of National Book Lovers Day, we thought it would be interesting to talk with a member of the royal family of the demon kingdom of Eriis on the subject of his favorite book. Our invitation was accepted, and Prince Rhuun met us at our office in the Quarter just after lunch.

Interviewer: Please, Your Grace, come in. Thank you for–

R: It’s just Rhuun, if you don’t mind. Your Grace is my mother. When I hear Your Grace I look over my shoulder.

I: Very well, er, Rhuun. Have a seat and we can get started.

R: (Sits, instantly gets up and goes to side table.) Do you mind?

I: Not at all. None for me, thank you.

R: (Sits back down with bottle of sarave and a glass.) Books, is it?

I: Yes, we understand you have a particular favorite. Can you talk a little about it?
R: Yes. Um. Well, I found it when I was much younger, in the library. I spent a lot of time there. I mean, I wasn’t hiding there, or anything.

I: I wasn’t suggesting–

R: I just like books, to be clear. (Refills glass.) Is it very bright in here? Can I close the shade? (Gets up and pulls the shade, returns to seat.) Where was I? Oh, the library. Yes. A nice, safe place. I should say, a quiet place for reading and reflection. Not for hiding at all.

I: The book?

R: Right. It was a real find, an antique, and it was actually written by a human. Can you imagine? We didn’t think they were clever enough to hold a pencil, and here one is, writing a whole book.

I: But aren’t you…

R: Aren’t I what? (Looks as if he is about to leave.)

I: Ah, aren’t you…practically an expert when it comes to the humans?

R: (Sits back down.) (Refills glass.) Thank you for doing your homework. Of course, we don’t know much about them, it’s been a lifetime since they were here, but yes. I know quite a bit. I did a lot of research while I was definitely not hiding in the library.

(It has been exactly the prince’s lifetime plus a few months since they were here. The interviewer decided against mentioning this.)

I: The book?

R: The Claiming of the Duke. It is a great book. See, there’s this human man named Max–he’s the Duke– and he’s supposed to wed a sweet, lovely girl named Gwenyth. And apparently the worse he behaves, the more she loves him. Human behavior is peculiar to say the least, but one may learn so much from these important works of literature.

I: So that’s the key to human affection?

R: So it would seem. Human women love arrogance and yelling. Demon women certainly wouldn’t put up with it. Plus there are horses. (Refills glass) Are you sure you won’t join me?

I: Thank you, no. Anything else one might glean about the humans from this book?

R: They interact through parties and fashion. They seem to be slaves to their compulsions. They have little control over their desires and no inclination towards discretion. (Refills glass.)

I: Does any of that seem familiar to you?

R: What are you implying?

I: Nothing at all, it’s just that there must be a reason why this book speaks to you on such a personal level.

R: (Looks at interviewer with suspicion.) It’s got horses. Are we done here?

I: Of course, and thank you for stopping by this afternoon. Ah…you won’t be mentioning to your mother that we had any sort of misunderstanding? About you and the humans?

R: (Smiles) I’ll wait until I read the article.

I: Please, take the bottle.

R: Is that supposed to be me? I don't look like that.

The Claiming of the Duke will be available this Fall! And The Sand Prince is available at Amazon now.

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