Happy New Year; well, a new year.

I mean, 2017 was a lot, right? Every day was an unbridled steaming shovelful of fuckery, with the Worst People doing a conga line of the Wrong Things. Now, our day looks like this: breakfast, lunch, dinner, xanax.

I mean, every damned day.

Was it tough to settle down and get into my writing? SLIGHTLY. Did I do it anyway? Well, I tried, but it took longer and was way harder than I think it otherwise might have been. It was a real challenge not to let the general free floating angst take over a book that already deals with consequences, grief and regret (don’t worry, there are jokes.) I’m hoping to have The Glass Girl, Book Three in The Demon Door series, in your hands in late March.

Thank you for your service, Britt.

Speaking of March: yes, he will be back. My unicorn/hot dude and his human friend Ruby the bartender will return; date TBD but I swear I’m working on it! I know what happens!

Well, I know a thing that happens!

Anyway. As I’ve mentioned, my friends and I are great big nerds and we play board games because there’s nothing for us out there and it’s safe inside. One of our favorites is Pandemic. I like it because instead of using math to blow my fellow players up or lop off their heads, Pandemic is a cooperative game where you are all epidemiologists trying to stave off fast moving plagues around the world. It’s the one where you end up shouting WE HAVE TO GET TO JAKARTA at each other. So in this game sometimes a player will pull a card that grants you a short respite. Nothing happens. Catch your breath. Get some rest. The card is Quiet Night.

That’s my wish for you, me…all of us. Quiet Night, everybody.


May your toe fluff be abundant and your ear scritches plentiful.

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  1. Rod says:

    Wow! Kim, seems like 2018 certainly couldn’t be any worse. At least, here is hoping that the case. Cheers!

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