Summer is for your ears! (Plus a contest!)

UPDATE! Are you here to enter the contest? Excellent news! Just scroll to the bottom and add a comment, and you’re in! Reminder–contest closes at 5pm E on Monday July 31st. 

Happy Summer! I hope your freon is fresh and your books are on audio. What’s that? You don’t have an audio book handy?
I am here for you!
I’m so proud to announce that my very first audio book of my (also) very first book is now available and ready to be absorbed into your brain. Thanks to the talents of voice actor and podcaster William Turbett, The Sand Prince is now on sale at Audible, Amazon, and (I am told) iTunes. (Of course, it’s also out as an ebook AND an Olde Fashioned Book of Paper, what a time to be alive.)

Even though I worked as a broadcaster for approximately 900 jillion years, I knew better than to try and tackle an epic fantasy with characters of all ages, sexes, proclivities and species. I think William did a lovely job bringing Rhuun, my wayward demon prince, and Lelet, the human woman whom he accidentally kidnaps to life–along with their friends, frenemies, families, lovers, haters, interior monologues and additional romance novels. It was a big job, and a fascinating experience hearing my words out loud. The jokes landed! It was very emotional! And I’d love you to give it a try. Great news! You can–just scroll down and leave a quick comment on this post, and our good friend Mr.Random Chance will pick a winner on July 31st. I’ll post the winners both here and on my Facebook page, and there will be five of you, so go nuts! (One per set of ears, please.)I'm not saying I'm NOT wearing this outfit to sign, BTW.

Also! Who’s going to the Maryland Renn Faire???? I’ll see you there in your doublet and codpiece ’cause I’ll be signing both The Sand Prince AND the sequel, The Heron Prince at the coolest bookstore in the kingdom Page After Page on October 8th and 9th!
Is this your first time? Good for you; you get a free book, my lovelies! The romance novel I mentioned a minute ago is a very important part of The Sand Prince and Rhuun’s story, and you can read it for free! The Claiming of the Duke is probably best read after The Sand Prince, but I’m not the boss of you!

And finally–because I love you all, here’s a new pic of Onion. Tell me, does he have a tiny head, or is it just really far away? We may never know…Onion can also be found in all his fluffy glory on Instagram at #OnionWhatAreYouDoing.

And now a list of easy links!
Kim Alexander on Instagram (with bonus Onion!)
Kim Alexander Author on Facebook
The Sand Prince on Amazon
The Sand Prince on Audible

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22 Responses

  1. I wish I could get to the MRF – I’ve never been!

  2. Korinn Braden says:

    Audio books make reading so much easier.

  3. Tricia Olmedo says:

    I listen to books to and from work, and I read my kindle books mornings and evenings. I always have two stories going at once! I can’t get enough! I love to immerse myself into new worlds. 🙂

  4. Elizabeth J says:

    I would love to win an audio book! Thank you for the chance!

  5. Beverly says:

    Love audiobooks & would love to win!

  6. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    Audio books are amazing things. Just returning to them recently

  7. sherry F butcher says:

    i can’t wait for the cats to come! Thanks for sharing your audiobooks.

  8. Jana Leah says:

    Aww. Onion is a fluffy baby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Kai W. says:

    I noticed that my cat has this habit of flopping on the floor. She rolls her head and flopped. It looks painful but she is purring.

  10. Ligia Mejia says:

    Wow looks like I just made it for the giveaway.

  11. Ligia Mejia says:

    I think the link for The Claiming of the Duke is not working ????. If I’m wrong can you tell me how to get it free just started reading The Sand Prince.

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