Happy Book Birthday to PURE

Happy Spring!

We have a thriving rooftop garden here in DC, and it’s really hard to remember that even if the temperature is 70 degrees, it’s still MARCH and no, you cannot start planting yet! This came as a shock and some unwelcome news to my dwarf peach tree:

Over a month early, what could possibly go wrong?

We HAD a thriving roof garden here in DC, and Mother Nature reminded those in positions to help save the planet or act like this weather is NBD that she does not play.

This is my dwarf peach tree right now because we are expecting a blizzard tonight:

Yes, I have created a tree condom. Please send warm thoughts our way.


Lots of things are new for Spring–like my new novel, PURE.

I have to thank book goddess Kenya for this one. She said I should try writing a modern retelling of a fairy tale. I was all, ‘Dear girl, I write Epic Fantasy! I can’t POSSIBLY write something shorter than eleventy million words, with 70 characters, each one having ten pages of backstory! And a stand-alone novel? GET ME MY FAINTING COUCH AND PEARLS! I MUST CLUTCH MY PEARLS!’

Funny story, I loved it. Loved writing it, and fell in love with the characters.

Let me tell you about my new book, PURE.

First of all, the inspiration for PURE has been hanging over my desk since I was about ten years old. I was lucky enough to have a mom who dragged me to the museums every weekend, and being a New Yorker, the museum was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On one of those trips, I bought this print:

The Unicorn in Captivity

PURE is the story of a unicorn who is indeed in captivity: his name is March and he’s trapped as a human man. When I knew that was the story I wanted to tell, I had to figure out why he changed from an immortal, perfect creature to a mortal man, whether he liked it or not, and what happened next. That was my heroine, Ruby. She’s a bartender with a traumatic past and she saves his life–but it puts them both in deep trouble. After all, if someone went to the trouble of trying to kill a unicorn once, they probably won’t give up. So my unicorn (who is trying to figure out how to be a man) and Ruby (who is trying to figure out how to resist the charms of someone who is way more than he appears) are on the run, helped along the way by some friends, both magical and mortal.

Spoiler: Ruby doesn’t fight super hard against March’s appeal. (I don’t blame her.)

Click to get your copy of PURE.

In other news, it’s Onion’s birthday! He turned four years old on March 4th!

Striking a typically graceful pose.

PURE by Kim Alexander

“A unicorn walks into a bar…”

That is not a joke.

Look, I’m a bartender, I have nothing to do with the xenos. I don’t care if it’s an elf or a vampire. As long as they don’t bother me, I steer clear. I have my reasons. You can see them in the scars on my neck.

I never wanted to get involved. But my life changed for the second time when I saved the life of a unicorn. I made an enemy of something old—old and evil, and whatever it was, it’ll be back for another try. I also made a friend when I decided to help March. He’s only been a human man for a day. I’m responsible for him now. He’s my friend…and, maybe something more. Maybe a lot more.

It doesn’t matter to me that he isn’t magical anymore. I don’t care if he’s not PURE.

But, he does.

From best-selling author Kim Alexander comes a modern fairytale of magic, love, and redemption.

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