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To celebrate the release of The Glass Girl: The Demon Door Book Three, we’re putting the whole series on sale!

From now through May 17th, you can get The Sand Prince: The Demon Door Book One for FREE, and The Heron Prince, Book Two for just .99!
That gives you three full length novels, the worlds of Mistra and Eriis, the half-human Prince Rhuun, his fierce human lover Lelet, her family, his family, their friends, lovers, ex-lovers, enemies, frenemies, one cat and one horse for less than five bucks!

Praise for The Demon Door series and Kim Alexander:
Kim Alexander’s The Sand Prince is a thrill ride of fantastical proportion. Can hardly wait for the next wild installment.”  David Baldacci, New York Times and International Best Selling Author
‘I love this book; I love these characters (even the horrible ones) and their growth and depth; I love the world(s)-building and the not-quite-hereness of it and the utterly beautiful and unique story.’ …’
‘a classic story that I will read again and again because it’s so good…’
‘Spell binding to the very end…’
‘Really, remarkably beautiful…’
‘…two dimensions, countless incredible characters, and an epic storyline that is sure to span into a fantastic series.’
‘…both epic in scale and witty in tone. That’s a hard mix to pull off, but such a pleasure to read.’


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