Happy October! I am overbooked!

Happy Fall! If you happen to spot any cool temps on the east coast please let me know, they are missing (so far.) I say this with the full knowledge and acceptance that as soon as it drops below 60 my bitter and ceaseless winter complaining will begin.

Here in DC we are still stuck on the far left

Moving on! So much is happening this month–I may get to see some of your faces in person!  ‘How can this be?’ you ask–and rightly so since I have a firm anti-pants/leave the house policy. But there are some events even I will slap the good bra on for!

First, the epic revel complete with jousting–the MARYLAND RENN FAIRE, people. I’ll be signing books and showing off my corset at Page After Page all day on Sunday October 14th. Come on down and have some mead! I love this event!

I may or may not be wearing the same corset right now

More like a shindig or maybe a grand debaunch is Noir at the Bar. This time, Sunday, Oct 21 at 6:30 at Zella’s Pizza in Baltimore. If you’ve never experienced NOIR AT THE BAR, it’s a bunch of authors (some are super famous, others are me) reading a short piece of (usually) dark and gritty crime fiction. The last time my story had some crime but also a unicorn so the parameters are fairly generous. The winner is chosen by the audience and it’s always a blast!

The winner of this round got an engraved machete


Finally, Ellicott City MD has had its share of knocks (in the form of devastating floods) so bringing some love to this charming town feels so right. I’ll be back for my third HALLOWREAD on Saturday October 27th for an all day meet-your-favorite-author event. Hit the link for all the details. This party is a throwdown and I’d love to see you there!

Also, for the entire month of October I’ll be on a whirlwind blog tour with my friends at Silver Dagger, and to celebrate, the ebook of The Sand Prince (Book One in the Demon Door series) will be on sale for .99! I am deep in the warm, glistening entrails of the final book in this series and I am here to tell you shit goes down! I’ll be posting links to the blog tour on this page all month. (BTW my books are now available on whatever device/sales portal you like best.)
And finally this wouldn’t be a newsletter from me without a pic of Onion. Here he is bravely holding up the laundry basket and doorway,  where would we be without him?based on a true story





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