The March Effect: New World Magic Book Two audiobook


Now available on this website, The March Effect written and narrated by Kim Alexander.


A unicorn walks into a bar…and leaves with my heart.

He’s gone, and now I have a unicorn-named-March-shaped hole in my life. But, I get it. Unicorns aren’t meant to live in a world where they have to deal with putting gas in the car, getting groceries, and paying cell phone bills. I’m trying to get past this. Really, I am. It’s just that everyone constantly talks about him, from his immortal ex-girlfriend, to reality TV-obsessed Fae, to even my own fully-human friends.

Even his enemies are still obsessed with him. I learned that the hard way.

Did I mention the part where I end up on the run—again—from an old, powerful enemy of his?

Yeah. Fun times. I just want to be left to get over my broken heart while watching home improvement shows and eating ice cream. But mysterious disappearances, murder, and a quest for affordable real estate in Washington D.C. keep getting in the way.

Maybe that’s just life. Sometimes we get what we want. Sometimes, we get what we need.

And sometimes, we get what we deserve. I guess you could call it…The March Effect.


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