Man Camp

Man Camp

by Adrienne Brodeur

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I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation. This week, Adrienne Brodeur talks about her novel, Man Camp.

Much like the weather, everyone complains about dating but no one does anything about it. I have to assume that men complain about their dates as much as my girlfriends do — I also assume no one ever complained about me — anyway, probably the best thing about a bad date is mentally taking notes so you can tell the story to your friends later on over strong drink. I could talk about the guy who was so into the moment that he actually forgot how to kiss, and simply licked my face. What do you say to that? “Down, boy”? So, would you change the men in your life, if you had the power? Adrienne Brodeur had a brainstorm — send them to Man Camp. In her clever and good-hearted debut novel, she rounds up a group of New York’s whinest and sends them to the woods, along with our heroines, Martha and Lucy, two concerned friends who may have a thing or two to learn as well.

Ms. Brodeur was literally hours away from a career as a bureaucrat — we’re fortunate that she saw the light and decided on the writing life instead. Next, we’ll talk about changing men, changing tires, and changing careers. Plus, I insult my fiancé for no good reason! Maybe I need to go to girlfriend camp.

I’m Kim Alexander and this is a Fiction Nation Minute. The book is Man Camp, by Adrienne Brodeur.

How about a summer camp where you could send your guy, and they’ll teach him how to behave? Simple and brilliant! The plan is dreamt up by long time friends Lucy and Martha, New Yorkers who agree there is a need for some behaviour modification — Lucy has a boyfriend who can’t change a tire. Martha’s brother is whiny and neurotic. The result: Man Camp, run by Lucy’s too-perfect college friend, a guy who can chop wood and fire a gun, but can’t locate the ‘on’ button on his computer. Do you think he’ll turn out to have a flaw or two?  I was ready to be a little insulted by the premise — why should a New Yorker know how to change a tire? But the author of Man Camp find a way to make it all very funny and light, and makes a few good points about behavior, and not only on the part of the men. Man Camp by Adrienne Brodeur.  I’m Kim Alexander and this is a Fiction Nation Minute on Book Radio, SiriusXM Channel 80.

I’m Kim Alexander and this is a Fiction Nation Minute. Lucy and Martha are long time New York friends who can agree on one thing — the men in their lives don’t know how to act. Except maybe Lucy’s college pal, southern gentlemen Cooper, who runs a farm and knows how to pull your chair out. So they put their heads together and come up with Man Camp, and convince their brothers, boyfriends, and a few others in desperate need of help to go live without their cell phones and blackberries, and get back to the land. Why you need to know how to fire a squirrel rifle or change the flat on your Dodge truck if you’re living in Manhattan is maybe beside the point. Of course, Cooper has a secret or two of his own, and the way the men bond is both funny and charming. Man Camp, a short and sweet novel, perfect for some wish fulfillment at the beach, written just for you if your man uses more hair products than you do. Man Camp by Adrienne Brodeur, a mystery set in Africa in 1919.

Man Camp by Adrienne Brodeur. I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation on Book Radio, SiriusXM Channel 80.

I’m Kim Alexander and this is a Fiction Nation minute. The book is Man Camp by Adrienne Brodeur.

When I started this book, I was ready to take a little bit of offense — the premise being that life in the big city has sort of sissified men, to the point where they need to go live in the woods for a week and get back in touch with their inner Iron John. I shouldn’t have worried, Ms. Brodeur send only the most needy Gothamites to Man Camp — the blowhard, the helpless, the whiny — plus masterminds and best friends Lucy and Martha may come away from camp having learned something themselves. Man Camp is quick and funny, and finds something to admire in not only the big strapping southern gentlemen and sweetly demure small town ladies, but the most cell phone addicted, high strung New Yorkers, even if they can’t change a tire. Man Camp by Adrienne Brodeur. I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation on Book Radio, SiriusXM Channel 80.

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