by Renée Morgan-Hampton

I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation. The book this week is Misrepresented by Renée Morgan-Hampton.

Most everybody who works has said “just wait ’til I write the book.” In my years in the radio biz, I’ve heard that a million times, and even said it — probably while brushing the margarita salt off the turntable — in case you’re wondering, yeah, radio really used to be a party with a paycheck — at least, as far as I can recall. Now of course it’s all very serious business — except after 3pm and most Fridays — then, anything goes. Anyway, for as many people who talk about writing all the sordid deeds of their co-workers, not very many actually do it, and even fewer get it onto the shelves. For one thing, the time that Bob switched the coffee creamer and the salt may have been knee slapping in the lunch room, but where’s the plot? For another, Bob might be pretty annoyed to see his shenanigans in print. People sue, you know.

That was one fear Renée Morgan-Hampton was not concerned with. Her debut novel is called Misrepresented, and she gets to show off all the fancy legal trickery she’s learned in her many years in the California legal system. While everyone else was doing shady deeds, Renée was busy taking notes. Her heroine is Harriane DeCanter, and by the way it’s nice to see a woman of color who isn’t a victim or a girlfriend. She’s a razor sharp lawyer with something to prove. Unfortunately she winds up having to prove it to monumental sleaze Matthew Daytona. They have an unpleasant history and now she’s representing him in a series of extremely brutal murders. By the way, this is a really violent book, so CSI fans and those who like the procedurals will find plenty to keep them occupied. Renée’s strength lies in her eye for detail and her affection for her characters, particularly the hard working but socially inept detectives also on the case.

I spoke with Renée about how a lifetime of research finally paid off.

The book is Misrepresented by Renée Morgan-Hampton. I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation on Book Radio, SiriusXM Channel 80.

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