Red Hot Lies

Red Hot Lies (Izzy McNeil Mysteries)

by Laura Caldwell

I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation, smart reviews for modern readers on Sirius XM Book Radio. The book is Red Hot Lies by Laura Caldwell.

Hey, it’s another lawyer turned novelist! What is it about the law that makes so many people want to leave it? On TV it’s all dramatic percussion  and big cases. You almost always know who’s guilty, and they usually get what they deserve. The women are gorgeous and pencil thin — always have nice hair. The men are distinguished and wealthy or adorable and committed to justice. Hmmm…maybe real life is disillusioning? Hard to say.

Anyway, Laura Caldwell has taken her years of writing the genre formerly known as chick lit, now called women’s romantic comedy, and turned her love of interesting, well-rounded characters with their own particular voices into a new kind of thriller — the kind you can devour over the course of a summer. As a sassy, redheaded ex-lawyer herself, she’s created a rather realistic main character. Her heroine, sassy redheaded lawyer Izzy Macneil, has her perfect life upended in the first chapter. Her cute fiancé vanishes, leaving behind a dead guy and a great big bunch of missing money. And by the way, the corpse is Izzy’s beloved boss and mentor at her law firm. That will be one awkward Christmas party.

Izzy is torn between trusting the man she loves in the face of some pretty daunting evidence, and wanting to run Mr. Cute Green Eyes over with her scooter. The plot races along, Izzy’s friends and foes do unexpected things, and then we get to the end of the book. Or do we?

Surprise ending! We do not. Look for three books in the Red Hot series out this summer: Red Hot Lies is out now, Red Blooded Murder hits in July, and Red White and Dead is available in August in both print and at

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