Shooting Script

Shooting Script

by Elsa Klensch

I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation. The book is Shooting Script, by Elsa Klensch.

There are some books you read to illuminate your mind, and fire your imagination. There are some books you read because you have a two-hour layover in Altanta. Shooting Script is the second kind of book. Elsa Klensch you probably know from CNN, and as a mystery writer, she makes a great fashion journalist. Shooting Script is a murder mystery set in a beautiful spa in Hawaii, and it does have some things going for it. Klensch has fun with descriptions of the island which she clearly loves, and we meet a lot of interesting potential murderers. The dead guy is a tyrannical TV exec, and the list of suspects include his many ex wives and children. This is the second in a mystery series featuring TV journalist Sonya Iverson, so maybe as the series progresses Klensch will tie up some of the many loose ends. In the meantime, there are glittery parties, bad behavior, and the main character, the spa on the Big Island — I’m ready to fly out now, and I have the perfect book for the flight.

The book was Shooting Script by Elsa Klensch. I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation.

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