New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation.

Well, this is the time of the year for those unavoidable to-do lists, New Year’s resolutions. I try to make easy ones — like, I vow to not get out of bed before 10am, or I promise not to let my cat drink out of the toilet — that’s just disturbing — but this year I thought I’d make some resolutions for readers.

1.     Make more time to read. This is easier said than done, particularly if you are unlucky enough not to be a lady or gentleman of leisure. That’s another of my goals — look into leisure. But I’ll also try to bring a book along on the subway, and I’ll look for books on tape for long trips.

2.     Encourage kids to read. My boyfriend, Prince Charming, has two preteens, and I will risk boring them to death and incite outbreaks of eye rolling by handing them books at every turn. Actually, I’m lucky. Along with the eye rolling they are smart and already to love to read. So off to the library we go!

I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation.

The New Year is the time for reflection and for lists. My personal resolutions include making more room in my life for chocolate, and to spend more time shoe shopping, and trying on expensive clothes which I will admire but not actually buy.  I also have some resolutions for readers. Here are some from my list.

3.     Try something new. I tend to head for the science fiction and horror section, but I’m going to try and set down the vampire novels long enough to read more mysteries and historical fiction. Maybe by 2010 I’ll be ready for a romance novel.

4.     And on a related note, pass by the writers who are so successful that they’ve been re-writing essentially the same book for the last 10 years. I mean, if you like John Grisham, you know what you’re going to get. But in 2006 I’ll be taking a look at newcomers. I want to be surprised and I want the thrill of discovery. And of course, I’ll tell you all about my finds.

I’m Kim Alexander and this is Fiction Nation.

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions? I have a couple. I try to keep them manageable — like I promise not to eat only the chunk of fudge brownie out of the Ben and Jerry’s and leave the rest of the ice cream looking like frosty Swiss cheese. Or the promise I made to start going to the gym and — ok, that’s a joke.

I do have some actual resolutions for readers. Here are a couple from my list.

5. I will sort through my library at home and…and…get rid of some books. This is a tough one. But I don’t have to keep every book I ever read whether I like them or not, and there are libraries and schools that would probably love to give them a new home.

6. This is the year — I swear it — I will finally read Catcher in the RyeThe Grapes of Wrath, and — no, better make it “or” — Jane Eyre. I figure the time I spend on Entertainment Weekly and Glamour can be put to a better use. This year, aim high, people!


7. This is the year I will finally give away Catcher in The Rye and The Grapes of Wrath. I will face the fact that I will never read them, it’s my life, and if I want to spend it on the crossword puzzle in TV Guide, good for me. Aim for the middle!

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