A Day in the Garden

I’m at a stopping point in the march to publication. My edits on the first book are all done, and I have a new title and a some shiny new ad copy. Within a few days I’ll be able to tell you all that stuff AND let you know the release date! But right now I’m taking a day to do something crazy: go outside. I know–Nature!

Here in DC we are lucky (and by lucky I mean we work like a team of pack mules) to have a beautiful roof garden. I should mention we have a five floor walk up–no elevator. My husband has carried every plant, every pot, and every bit of dirt up five flights. He has the butt of an 18 year old Eastern European gymnast, not gonna lie.

Here are some of our plant friends with a special guest bee!

First up is the phlox, which did very well this year. Funny what happens when you actually water every day! As you may know, I am obsessed with bees. I think this one is a carpenter bee. They are the giant fellas that don’t bite, but hover like little helicopters. They bore perfectly circular holes in wood, hence the name. He’s a bit blurry, he was busy! Also, did you see this? I won’t rest until I have my own hive!IMAG0624-001This thing is my husband’s pride and joy. It’s called a Datura. I call it Space Plant that is Coming for Me in the Night.IMAG0623-001This is a white vinca with a black petunia. It’s a little overexposed ’cause I’m fancy like that.IMAG0622-001Never buy portulacas! They are what gardeners refer to as ‘volunteers.’ This here is Katniss.IMAG0621-001We have a couple of hibiscus plants. They get cut to the ground in the fall, and start sprouting in May. By July they have dinner-plate sized flowers. This one is called Lord Baltimore. I have been informed that this is ACTUALLY a Midnight Marvel. That’s right, I was ‘actuallied’ right in my own garden.IMAG0620This one is a Copper King. You can see by the four-foot fence behind it, it did very well in it’s first year! Congrats, CK, you don’t get pitched over the side during the Great Reaping!IMAG0619The purple stuff is Creeping Verbena, along with another Portulaca. In the back you can see one of our Elephant Ears. They get to be about six feet high by the time it gets cold. (Which could be December! Thanks, Obama!)IMAG0626-001Not pictured: the eight million other plants I have to water.

Okay, that’s enough Nature! Back to work. Today I figure I’ll pimp my Pinterest board a little. I DID NOT GET Pinterest until I started playing with it. You can go see my page for my books, which is a great excuse to post photos of beautiful clothes and tattoos, which, as it turns out, is exactly what Pinterest is for!


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