Meanwhile, a year later…

A year ago, I was pretty busy. But not in what you might want to call a good way. My dad had just passed, and my brother and our spouses got to navigate the world of Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, pensions and the VA  (I am still waiting for a response, but really, it was my dad’s pleasure to serve.) I was in the slow motion process of losing my job, as the suits at Sirius XM elected to take Book Radio off the platform. It was my intention to grow old at my desk, and since the majority of my job was reading books and interviewing authors, it’s easy to understand why. ‘Stay home’ said my husband, ‘and write your &@^&# book already.’  How do you graciously accept that kind of faith? I’m still trying.

One year ago today, I left DC  for a  lovely little cottage on Lake Rosemont LA, at the invitation of my friends (‘friends’ doesn’t cut it) Matthew and Michael, who knew I needed to sit in the water with a glass of bourbon. Once I got that taken care of, I picked up my pen and went to work on this idea I had about a girl and a demon.

One year later, I am waiting for the edits on my first novel, and I’m about a third of the way through the first draft of the sequel. I don’t know if I’ll earn a dollar (OMG I’D BETTER) but it has been an enlightening and humbling and exciting and unfolding voyage.  The opportunities for my books to see the light of day and find their way into the hands of readers is exponentially greater than it was even two or three years ago.  I’ll save the ‘thank yous’ for the book launch party (which will be mighty) but if it wasn’t for my husband Dyon, Eryc and Jaysen, Antigone, Matthew, Michael, and my family here in DC, I’d be pushing a shopping cart full of my possessions slowly down Connecticut Avenue.

So, thank you, and I’m going to get back to work.

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  1. Shesadiver says:

    I still miss Book Radio. You introduced me to so many new authors and genres that I would have never even considered reading. I found some old Book Radio schedules and I have been picking some books/authors from those lists. Thank you!

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