It’s like Dune with more sex!

You know what’s easy? Writing a 400 page novel. Hell, it’s such a piece of cake I’ve done it twice! Haha! Creating characters, putting clothes on them, making them interact and eat and drink and fall in love and be shitty or lovely to each other is the fun part. Of course, once you’ve done this, rewriting and editing take over your life–but honestly? Seeing things change and grow and improve is also sort of fun.

The hard part is writing the blurb.

Boiling down a story with 40 named characters that takes place in two worlds in over a hundred years, and making it perfect–after all, if it’s not, people won’t bother with it in the first place. Britt, if you wouldn’t mind?

Thanks, honey.


I mean, I want people to know that it’s complex, character driven, funny (in places) sexxxay (in places) and has a hero and heroine you’ll love (even though he’s a mess- he’s a half human demon with a drinking problem and social anxiety.)  I want people to know there is a love story, even though the two main characters don’t meet until more than halfway through the book. I want people to know I have a diverse cast, multiple LGBT characters, and a non-white hero.  And it’s a fantasy that doesn’t have a Northern European/Medieval setting. Plus one of my characters carts around his favorite book (a romance novel) which you’ll get to read excerpts of throughout. And there’s magic and blood and betrayal and a little girl who’s a nasty piece of work!

Now, how do you get two sentences out of that?


In other news, CrimeDog Carly, my magnificent editor and I are working like mad to have Book One wrapped and ready to light up your ereader this fall! Stay tuned for more details unless my brain melts and leaks out of my ears, in which case someone please feed Onion.


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  1. Carly says:

    I just needed to add: your gifs are on point. We have gone over this blurb so many times, I feel like the Bachelorette choosing who gets a rose!

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