Writing Rituals

This week the Fictionistas were supposed to be talking about the music we listen to while we write. I’ve already stated that unless it’s the soothing thrum of a jackhammer or the delicate polytonal melody of a car alarm, I prefer to work in peace and quiet.

I think it’s from my long years in radio. I listened to voices all day – first music, then talk. When I got home at the end of the day, I didn’t even want to hear my own voice. (This is a surprisingly popular sentiment.) If I listen to music – to this very day – it’ll be non-vocal classical music. (Sometimes Steely Dan, but only on holidays.)

So my writing ritual. Well, as you know from prior reading, I am a delicate hothouse flower and must be surrounded by objets de beautee d’exquisite et sparquellment (I only got to 6th grade French so pardonnez-moi) and my writing retreat looks something like this:

Could be a cute writing nook!

Haha, no.

I’ve got a busted couch that literal hobos would say, “Hmm, too downmarket.” I’ve got a pile of pillows because I refuse to sit upright and my back is waging a pitch battle against the rest of my body. I do have a triple espresso with a tablespoon of half and half, though. Oh, let me show you my mug!

Displaying IMAG0462.jpgDisplaying IMAG0462.jpgDisplaying IMAG0462.jpgmugYes, that is a coffee mug with the cover of my book printed on it. Why yes! I do have a book coming out! You can get your very own on May 19th on the electronic reader of your choice! I already got one very nice review over at Netgalley, and while you aren’t supposed to respond to reviews in any way shape or form, allow me to say, anonymous reader:

You will always be my first.

So if you’d like to take a look at my busted couch, etc, and learn a little more about what I do all day (my husband I think might be curious about this  (Honey, it’s Facebook and wine as soon as you leave) please visit me tomorrow at the Fictionistas. Here’s today’s bonus boypic:

comic con 12 orlando

I included this one because I just read Orlando Jones won’t be back to Sleepy Hollow next season, and that made me sad. (Not as sad as if Tom Mison left, not gonna lie.) This was taken at Comic Con 12 and Orlando sort of took over our day of interviewing nerd-celebs, he was delightful. These are – as you probably know – the tributes from a little film called The Hunger Games. Second from right is Complete Baddass and Future Queen/President/Supreme Court Justice Amandla Stenberg who played Orlando’s daughter so I suppose she may be out as well.

Well, I guess I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon drinking wine and looking at pictures of Tom Mison. FOR RESEARCH.



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