No Longer Just a Cartoon!

I made a decision a long time ago that I was going to be all weirdly coy about appearing in my True Form on social media. In other words, I hate having my picture taken, and I love the cartoon that my extremely talented mother painted for me–the logo you see right here on this very website. I’ve been using it for years, along with the one photo I can tolerate, my seated quite comfortably on the Iron Throne. (That one pops up on Facebook, I think.)

Oh look! Here it is!




But with my impending publication by Booktrope and the urging of Kellie, The Boss of Me, I had to slap on a face full of makeup and set up the ol’ webcam. After a lifetime spent lounging in front of a microphone, I have to show the world my punim.

Punim means 'face' - oy, look at the punim on that shiksa!


Kellie, TBOM, is my Project Manager at Booktrope and she’s rounded up the five authors she’s in charge of wrangling, and set loose on the world The Fictionistas. We’ll be taking one day each week to talk about our influences and inspiration.

We’ll talk about how we force the words out of our heads and onto the page.

And what we think about while we’re doing it.

My co conspirators are Sami-Jo Cairns, Kenya Cooper,  Daphne Lamb,  Cait Reynolds and as advertised, Kellie Sheridan (who is working in a behind the scenes, overlord kind of capacity.) Kellie is also a member of Word Nerds, a similarly themed vlog of ladies who also talk about the writerly life–probably kittens and liquor too–I can’t speak for everyone. The fine women of The Fictionistas have about a billion published books between them, and I am delighted they took me on as a co-vlogger. (I think they got some sort of tax credit.)

So I’ll be your Wednesday Fictionista! This week we’ll meet me and all have a good laugh at my trying to read the teleprompter on my computer screen without LOOKING like I’m reading.

Because sometimes you need the Nailed It meme, Colbert style.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about my book, THE DEMON DOOR, which has an Honest to God cover, and will be released sometime in late May. What will my reaction be? I’m glad you asked!


So I hope you’ll subscribe and follow our adventures. You can find us right there on Youtube! 

Oh, and since I promised some eye-candy to viewers of my introductory video, here you go:



See you on Wednesday!

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