Happy Holidays!

Me: So, characters in my book, I’m giving you a few days off. It’s the holidays and I’d like to relax and not worry about what you’re all up to.

Representative from my book: The holiday? You mean the one where the humans commited genocide against the peaceful demons of Eriis?

Me: ….

Rep: Because we don’t consider that a holiday. It’s also pretty insensitive.

Me: You’re thinking of the holiday I created for plot reasons. This is a different one. It’s not in the book.

Rep: How interesting. ‘Not in the book.’ Well then. We have several scenes we’ll be dictating over the next few nights. And since you’re considering xanax and champagne as a way of silencing our voices, these will be backstory, and there will be no dirty parts.

Me: Damn! I should never have let you guys unionize.

Rep: All in favor?

(All forty named characters plus the ones from the market, guards in the palace, and even some traitor humans) Aye!

Rep: Motion carried. See you around 2am. Bring a pen.


Thanks to the vigilant efforts of Characters in My Book Local 432, I am almost done with the first (ish) draft of book 2, which is now operating under the title The Third Power. I haven’t slept in six months but they think it’s worth it.

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