Karen Kondazian and Robin Weigart talk THE WHIP

So I’ve been having an HBO GO Deadwood marathon lately and just astounded by the acting, writing, directing, next-level swearing – imagine my delight to get to talk with Miss Calamity Jane herself, actress Robin Weigart. She narrates THE WHIP, a rousing tale of the Old West featuring an unforgettable hero/heroine named Charlie Parkhurst. Here’s my conversation with author Karen Kondazian (a fabulous babe herself) with an assist from Robin.

Thanks to Ryan Oksenberg for providing the video!


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3 Responses

  1. mark ledine says:

    you did a fantastic at book radio i just cant believe they canceled it. audio books are a huge part of my life thanks to you and your crew at book radio

  2. Hi Kim,
    Just to let you know how much Robin Weigert and I enjoyed being on your (last) show….You are such a wonderful host and we had a fabulous time, thank you!
    I told you that something wonderful is just around the corner….you know the old saying, when a door closes, a fabulous window with a view opens~
    Love your Cat blog….(I am a huge cat person)–Adorable photos of your babies~.
    Warmly, Karen (Kondazian)

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