My New Plan

I was all ready to go. I had a plan starting to form, the plan where I was going to self publish. Other people have done it to great success, after all.

My plan never really included getting published by The Big Five (I think it’s still Five.) I’m not a Kardashian or a politician, and I’ve never had an affair with either a Kardashian or a politician. I figured MAYBE I’d get picked up by a small press, but after months of (very polite) rejections, my new plan was ready to go. I was going to do Goodreads giveaways, and blog my ass off, and sell my own book. (The specter of watching sales figures in the single digits – Yay! I made 7 dollars today! – was ever present.)

So it is with enormous relief/joy/gratitude that I announce my partnership with Booktrope, who will be publishing my debut novel, The Demon Door. I say partnership because Booktrope is a hybrid publisher. Learn more at their website about their insanely clever business model, but it boils down to me working with a dedicated team of folks who love my book as much as I do, and will work with me to make it successful. (I hope!) (Or else ain’t nobody retiring to Tahiti!)

I still have lots of work to do, and we will see about a release date (SOON) but I tihnk I’m going to take the rest of the week off and collapse into a puddle of happiness and reasonably priced champagne.


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