Long-Ass week wrap up

First of all, we all had very elaborate and carefully laid plans to watch Ghost Shark last night, but somehow they never materialized. Personally I’m holding out for Sharknado: The Second One. (I hear Ben Affleck is playing the shark.) We also were informed by Miss V. that Ghost Sharks can swim through your pipes into your cat’s water dish, and also may materialize in human tears. NO ONE IS SAFE. (Miss V. may have been having an adult beverage.)

We also achieved the Cat Singularity. 


While scrolling through Twitter this morning, I noticed this video:

And I got all excited because we just saw the play two weeks ago, AND I am a recent but devoted fan of Raul Esparza. After watching it, a few observations:

Its from 2001, duh.

Joan Jett has an…unorthodox and somewhat Joe Walshian approach to playing Columbia.

First time I was EVER physically attracted to Riff Raff.  (I was alone and confused in a strange place!) Seriously, though – look at ADA Barba. You tell me.

I spoke with Raul not that long ago about his voice acting on Stephen King’s Under the Dome, and we also talked about the fine/weird/renewed series Hannibal. He is such a doll, I want to crawl into his pocket and live there. This is from Cover to Cover, my late and lamented talk show on Sirius XM Book Radio (NEVA4GET.)

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