He Could Pee On This!

Before we get to the conversation of the day, this is hands down the creepiest thing I’ve ever read. I would immediately contact an old priest and a young priest. Famke, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Famke Jansen has her house broken into in the worst way possible.

Now that we’ll all never sleep again, let’s move on to the comedy!

One might have noticed I am one housecoat and a visit from Hoarders away from being a crazy cat lady. The only thing holding me back is the advice I got many years ago regarding not having more pets than you have hands. So, two cats, both of whom are immortalized here. But any time a book even remotely cat-adjacent comes into the office, it lands on my desk. That’s how I got my treasured copy of Francesco Marciuliano’s I Could Pee On This (and other poems by cats.)

One year later, Francesco has come out with the inevitably inferior but (I guess) necessary I Could Chew On This (and other poems by dogs.) Which is fine if you like that sort of thing.

I got to talk with Francesco about the vastly superior cat book and his secret identity/day job (spoiler – he’s been writing Sally Forth since around 2008.)We talked about cats, Bullwinkle, the glamorous Long Island lifestyle, Ted Forth’s delicate wrists,  and I tried to pronounce his name a different way every time I said it. After listening back to our chat, I’m thinking we ought to take our show on the road.

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