Dinner is Coming

This is what she meant by going to the beach?
So, it's sort of like a beach....

First of all, here’s an update for those obsessively following the progress of Onion. At 6 months, he’s finally old enough to join Leeloo in her Happy Place. Its a far cry from the days after I brought him home and they spent all their waking hours trying to murder each other.

This is what she meant by going to the beach?

Leeloo is now auditioning new, more isolated Happy Places.

During my years gathering interviews on Sirius XM, there were many hours – probably hundreds of hours – that never made it on the air. When I put together a show about George RR Martin and Game of Thrones, obviously I was going to include more from the man himself, and I was forced to leave out much of a conversation I had with the delightful Chelsea , who runs Inn At The Crossroads. If you have any interest in cooking, eating, GOTS or history in general, head over there and thank me later. Its a simple idea brilliantly executed – all the food mentioned in GOTS realized as recipes you can cook at home.

We’re having a GOTS spoiler party later this week night – only a couple of the gang have finished all the books – and we decided to create a Westerosi feast to go along with our full-0n nerdathon. I have some VERY SPECIFIC ideas regarding who is related to whom and who is NOT ACTUALLY DEAD. I’ll be making the honeyed chicken (again) and there are rumors of mulled wine. I thought you might like to hear the whole conversation I had with Chelsea regarding the web site, the cookbook, and this guy:

There aren’t any spoilers in my chat with Chelsea, so enjoy!

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