What We Learned This Week, Shark Week Edition

I will never ever get tired of these guys and I hope they make a million more talking dog videos. From the folks who brought you Dog Wants Kitten, I present Dog Has Wet Butt.

The inevitable sequel to Sharknado has a title equal to the majesty of the original. Brace yourself.

People who read this article also looked at Men’s Tube Socks (white) and transmission fluid. The Washington Post changes hands.

And finally because I was sick earlier this week (I was NOT hungover, shut up!) I realized I hadn’t posted any audio from the vault. My brother emailed me a few days ago and asked if I knew about this Deborah Harkness person because he was thinking about reading A Discovery of Witches. Here’s a chat I had with Deb about the sequel, Shadow of Night. (Spoilers!)

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