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So you’ll want to know about this:

He's very tall

A couple of months ago, my friend Jacques Lamarre, who is the twin I ate in the womb and Bestie for Life (and runs the Mark Twain House and Museum, he’s kind of a big deal) told me that they’d gotten Stephen King for an event in Connecticut and oh, you get to have a one on one chat with him. After I got up off the floor, I began to sweat. I mean, I’ve known Uncle Stevie longer than every friend I currently have, longer than my husband, longer than my current hair color! I grew up with Danny Torrance and Frannie and Trashcan Man and Oi (NEVER 4GET) and what do you say other than obviously ‘Thank You”?

I got my big chance last week before King’s event at the truly gorgeous Bushnell Theater in Hartford. Oddly, Justin Beiber was playing in town that night as well (and perhaps as a token of universal truth, Beiber autocorrects to Beri-Beri.) I strode around the hotel shouting “Just put Justin on the phone!…Justin, dammit, you have to stop doing this!” which had the effect you might imagine on all the little Beliebers crowding the lobby. You have to make your own fun, no?

Once I was done tormenting the 14 year olds,  King and I sat down in a quiet corner and talked about Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, which you can read in September. We talked about his blazingly talented son Joe Hill, his also talented son Owen, (I can’t say blazing because I haven’t read Double Feature yet, but NOS4ATU knocked me out) we talked about Death Cats, Under The Dome, and his recovery and return to writing.

We also got a private tour of the Mark Twain House, which is absolutely stunning even if you’re not into architectural porn – its meticulously and exquisitely restored and very much worth a trip to Hartford. I  mostly tried not to bump into things and not photobomb every picture the staff took of King looking at Twain’s books and papers and stuff.

And I haven’t even mentioned meeting Josh Hanagarne, the World’s Strongest Librarian!

As you may know if you’ve followed me here from Sirius XM, I am currently without a channel, so watch this space for the video of the conversation. If and when it airs over on the satellite, I’ll let you know.

Also, I’ll be taking a badly needed (trust me) vacation this week to a Place With No Internet, so my next post will be up next weekend.

See you then!





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