Comic Con continues without me

We’re deep in the creamy center of SDCC right now, so  thought I’d tell the story of how I met the unicorn – Joss Whedon. He exists and he shines with his own clear, glowing light. And he smells like chocolate chip cookies and lavender, even on the hottest day. His Chucks, they don’t quite touch the floor.

So our broadcast team was chatting with the delicious Scott Allie, who runs Dark Horse Comics (my biggest sad face at not going to SDCC this year is not getting to see Scott, Jeremy Atkins or Aub Driver. Kisses!) and Scott said, “So, you want to meet Joss?”  Just like that. Like that’s a question.  He took us to the behind-the-scenes Antechamber of The Gods at their booth, and we got to say hello. So that was scene I was ready to describe to my tattoo artist, when this happened:

All of Tony Head, half of Joss Whedon.


In walked Anthony Head. The two hadn’t seen each other for some time, so there were happy moments all around.

Meanwhile, Mark Says Hi, my partner on the floor of the con, said he’d heard tell of a full on spazz attack, but until that moment he’d never had the privilege of actually witnessing one. Yes friends, I almost swallowed my tongue. But I kept it together long enough to snap that very well framed photo you see above. (That’s half of Joss’ head, if you didn’t recognize the cool, gleaming light emanating there from.)

Mark and I, along with Dave Z got to talk with Joss about Buffy, and that superhero thing he was involved with. Here is our conversation:

Joss Whedon at SDCC 12


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