Books by Kim Alexander


The Demon Door, an epic fantasy adventure

Two worlds…bound by magic…divided by The Door.

Blood is power. Love is Pain….

and destiny waits beyond The Door

The Sand Prince: The Demon Door Book One

The Demon Door can be opened…

but the price is deadly.

The Heron Prince: The Demon Door Book Two

Love opens all doors…

but betrayal locks them forever.

The Glass Girl: The Demon Door Book Three

Sometimes love doesn’t change the world…

sometimes it changes all of them.

The River King: The Demon Door Book Four

The Claiming of the Duke by Malloy dos Capeheart

An in-world Demon Door Romance

New World Magic, a paranormal romance

A unicorn walks into a bar…

A unicorn walks into a bar…

That is not a joke.

Pure: New World Magic Book One

A unicorn walks into a bar…

and leaves with my heart.

The March Effect: New World Magic Book Two

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