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It’s like Dune with more sex!

You know what’s easy? Writing a 400 page novel. Hell, it’s such a piece of cake I’ve done it twice! Haha! Creating characters, putting clothes on them, making them interact and eat and drink...

This is what she meant by going to the beach? 0

Dinner is Coming

First of all, here’s an update for those obsessively following the progress of Onion. At 6 months, he’s finally old enough to join Leeloo in her Happy Place. Its a far cry from the...

No pics of Onion? That's unpossible! 1

Meet Onion!

  Onion is about 5 weeks old in this photo and already embarking on a long career of eating, playing and farting.


Daisy of the Day

Daisy reminds us that it’s been two whole days and what is she, chopped liver?