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Beware the Earworm

Remember the TV show Soap? It was brilliant and ahead of its time. In the opening credits, we learned that the sweet, somewhat dim sister Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond) was the sort of person...


True Blood Ways

Everyone’s het up about True Blood being good this season – don’t spoil me, I have it all on my Tivo, ready for a full-on weekend marathon of rolling around in fangbangers, fairies and...


Stephen King

So you’ll want to know about this: A couple of months ago, my friend Jacques Lamarre, who is the twin I ate in the womb and Bestie for Life (and runs the Mark Twain...


Countdown to Comic Con!

For the past couple of years I would be racing around like a lunatic this week, trying to decide if cute shoes were worth it (they are not) and if my room was actually...


Post Book Radio Day One

As I said on our Facebook page, it’s a little overwhelming to see thousands of comments from listeners, all lamenting the loss of something I loved passionately and couldn’t wait to do every day.  I...

Onion 1

Meet Onion!

  Onion is about 5 weeks old in this photo and already embarking on a long career of eating, playing and farting.